Board of Directors

Leadership at AALC involves direction from our talented Board of Directors, comprised of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds, including, but not limited to, teachers, working artists, businesspersons, and retirees.

The Board of Directors sets policy and keeps the organization focused on its MISSION AND VISION.

In addition to attending meetings and setting policy, board members are involved in fundraising and other efforts that require rolling up the sleeve. The Board of Directors puts in the actual work needed to sustain our nonprofit organization.

Board members are not the same as Art Associates' members. To find out more about our membership program, go to our BECOME A MEMBER page.


Charla Blake, President
Tessa LaFleur, Vice-President
Melissa Harrell, Secretary
Kempa Pierce, Treasurer


Denise Ackley
Claire Coleman
Sallie Dondis
Bill Elliott
Julie Groth
Melinda Harrell
Amanda Hext
Adrianne Hunt
Sally Patin
Victoria Ridgeway
Pamela Templeton
Bobbi Yancey

Emeritus Status

Joe Cash
Eleanor Carmouche
Betty Swift

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