Wall Jewelry…An Adventure into Stained Glass Art

Glass has been in my subconscious for almost 50 years, and it has manifested itself in stained glass, leaded glass, faceted glass, beveled glass and now fused glass wall art.  The wall art I create is mixed media in the form of fused glass mounted over polished metal.  My designs are abstract in nature.  I draw inspiration from the natural world that surrounds me here in Southwest Louisiana with a tropical and Caribbean style, mixed with some whimsical fun.

Frank Thompson

The Art Associates of Lake Charles, Inc. 


Frank Thompson.pcr

Wall Jewelery…An Adventure into Stained Glass Art

An exhibition of original works by Frank Thompson.


July 15 – September 2 


Friday, July 15 from 6 – 7:30 PM

Muses: A Study in Female Portraiture

morgan allain muse portraits

Every human face is unique, even within the limited structures of biology.  And it is this I’ve attempted to highlight within my series of Muse portraits.  The faces within these artworks belong to friends, relatives and strangers.  And each piece is as unique as the individual subject. 

Morgan Allain

Join us at the Art Associates gallery for a unique presentation of the female face in portraiture.

By Lake Charles artists Morgan Allain  


April 22 from 6-7:30 pm  

The exhibition will run from April 22 to May 27, 2016.

Face to Face: A Class Collection

A Fine Art Exhibit by Heather Ryan Kelley’s Art Students

featuring McNeese University intermediate and advanced student painting

Opening Friday, March 4 and running April 8 is a show featuring McNeese University intermediate and advanced painting students’ work from the fall of 2015.  

These art students focused upon the human figure.  At mid-semester the students were challenged to work on portraits of each other.  Student’s creations of self-portraits followed.  

From the resulting work, Kelley selected 26 pieces.  This exhibition is an exploration of portraiture seen through each artist’s aesthetic sensibilities.  The manner of representation runs the gamut from realism to gestural expressionism.  

 An opening reception will be held Friday, March 4, from 6 – 7:30 pm.

Imagine Gourds

“Imagine Gourds”, an exhibit of gourds carved, decorated, and painted by Calcasieu Parish School Board K-12 art specialists, is on exhibit Jan 21 – Feb 12.

Opening night is Jan 21 from 6 – 7:30 PM.

Lisa Ange  Wendy Boyett  Jody Burgin  Erin Canik
Erin Casteel Julie Dallas Ashley Dalme Kasey Damiata
Mary Donaldson Morgen Duplechin Aimee Edwards Deborah Fontenot
Jessica Gayle Julie Groth Bruce Hal, Sr. Melinda Harrell
Brittany Horn Ragel Hungerford Sara Jeffers James Jessen
Beverly Koonce Kate Kunzweiler Bernadette Landry Debbie Lavergne
Pat Love Jennifer Manuel Kim Mason Diane Mayes
John Metoyer Laura Moreau Lisa Myers Sally Patin
Angie Quinn Adrienne Romero Lawrence Rybicki Allison Savoie
Pam Templeton J. Suzanne Walker Amanda Webb Jessica Woolmington
Chris Zaunbrecher  Christie Cappel  LaWanda Donald  Rachelle Foster
Melissa Harrell Charlene Kaough Mark LeBeau JoAnn Mayo
Lydia Powers Mary Sneedon Bobbi Yancey  


Gerry Wubben: Nature Studies

gerry wubbenMcNeese State University art professor Gerry Wubben will have a solo exhibit opening Thursday, Oct. 8, titled “Nature Studies,” which will feature 60 drawings and prints based on observations of subjects from nature, including animals, humans, plants and landscapes.
Wubben, who has taught at McNeese since 1987, received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University and his Master of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University.
The gallery is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The exhibit will be on display through Nov. 6 and is open free to the public.

Ronnie Collins

Ronnie Collins

an Exhibition by Celebrated Louisiana Artist and Muralist

Opening Sept 14th and running through October 2nd is an exhibition of acrylic paintings by Louisiana native Ronnie Collins.

Ronnie Collins has been creating beautiful artwork for nearly twenty-six years and has studied with several master painters throughout his career.

Ronnie is also a graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas and has been commissioned to create everything from logos to large scale murals all over the country.

Self-employed as a muralist for the last twenty years, Ronnie loves the challenge of creating custom murals and bringing excitement into the lives of his clients.

Come celebrate Louisiana’s own contemporary master painter and muralist on the evening of his opening reception 5 pm to 9 pm, Friday, Sept 25.

For more about Ronnie and his work, visit:


Or contact Ronnie: 



Where Chaos Meets Order

Where Chaos Meets Order

New works by Tracy Lemieux

Opening May 22nd and running through July 3rd.

Many years ago while decorating cakes I had no idea that one day I would be using the same tools to create art. By using a pastry bag filled with clay slip I am able to utilize techniques that create irregular linear clay extrusions to construct geometric shapes and forms to express chaos within order. Being a wife, mother, grandmother, volunteer and on and on, my life often feels like various degrees of organized chaos. As an object maker, I use geometric forms so that the viewer can become visually involved in the complexity of the lines reiterating the concept of “disorderly order.”

This body of work evolved from process and exploration, creating forms using clay extrusions that are linear and expressive. The airy, lacy and delicate appearance of the pieces has a stronger presence created in multiples. By showing them within the context of non-site-specific installations the artwork can be viewed from many angles and reveal how the forms relate to each other.

Many formal devices are present throughout this body of work; line being the main element. The way the extruded line fills in the forms allows the light to cast shadows through the negative spaces and also creates both actual and visual texture. The use of color further emphasizes the control in certain pieces as well as shows value. Using forms that are circular in nature mimics the curvilinear lines that are used to bring the forms and shapes to life.

Tracy Lemieux


Neighborhood Dances

Neighborhood Dances

an Installation by Victoria Eleanor Bradford

Opening April 6th and running through the 24th is the latest work in video and installation by performance artist and Lake Charles native Victoria Eleanor Bradford.

The solo exhibition, entitled Neighborhood Dances, is the result of 9 months of site and studio-based practice. 

After taking to front lawns, houses and buildings in neighborhoods across Lake Charles and beyond, Bradford has captured 168 fifteen second videos which serve as raw material for the work that fills this exhibit. 

Neighborhood Dances will be installed with two walls of video projection, one composed of every neighborhood dance, layered into one elusive, ghostly image, functioning like a kinetic painting; the other a more concrete vision of each dance, one moving image scrolling across the screen followed by another. Other work on display in the gallery will function like an archive, catalogued and numbered, of this collection of dances: still images from each dance cross referencing written scores or textual translations of each dance, corresponding with a conceptual map identifying the neighborhood of the dance. 

Bradford will also deliver two live performances on the evening of her closing reception at the Spring Art Walk, 6pm and 7pm on April 24.

For more about Victoria and her work, visit: