Where Chaos Meets Order

Where Chaos Meets Order

New works by Tracy Lemieux

Opening May 22nd and running through July 3rd.

Many years ago while decorating cakes I had no idea that one day I would be using the same tools to create art. By using a pastry bag filled with clay slip I am able to utilize techniques that create irregular linear clay extrusions to construct geometric shapes and forms to express chaos within order. Being a wife, mother, grandmother, volunteer and on and on, my life often feels like various degrees of organized chaos. As an object maker, I use geometric forms so that the viewer can become visually involved in the complexity of the lines reiterating the concept of “disorderly order.”

This body of work evolved from process and exploration, creating forms using clay extrusions that are linear and expressive. The airy, lacy and delicate appearance of the pieces has a stronger presence created in multiples. By showing them within the context of non-site-specific installations the artwork can be viewed from many angles and reveal how the forms relate to each other.

Many formal devices are present throughout this body of work; line being the main element. The way the extruded line fills in the forms allows the light to cast shadows through the negative spaces and also creates both actual and visual texture. The use of color further emphasizes the control in certain pieces as well as shows value. Using forms that are circular in nature mimics the curvilinear lines that are used to bring the forms and shapes to life.

Tracy Lemieux


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